New Camera Bag From Kata Gives Easy Lens Access

New Camera Bag From Kata Gives Easy Lens Access

We saw this review on Gizmodo and have to say “wow”.

Rarely does a design really pop our eye out. And upon first look the Kata Revolver 8 Camera Backpack looks pretty cool. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

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Sometimes We Photographers Need To Take A Step Back

A great little post we found at The Daily Star

Definitely worth a read. It reminds us that sometimes the best photos are not the most professional looking ones. We all know that candids are sometimes the stuff of life. Even “candid portraits” make for some great memories.

As do those photo moments that may not turn into the perfect photo. Someone’s face is out of the picture, the flash is too bright, the pose is not quite perfect. Sometimes it is these photos that spur the best memories.

“Later on, I got thinking of other experiences when memorable things happened while I?ve been out in the wilds without a camera. A Maine moose immediately came to mind.”

We’ll leave the rest of the reading up to you – so go click through and check it out.

Win A Fashionable Camera Bag

While this is not really in line with what we do here at, when a news item of interest comes across we definitely like to post about it!

What do we like?


Camera bags (not just backpacks)


We just saw a post on announcing a contest where you can win a free 3 Annies Cenza Dior camera bag.

We’ll be honest with you: we’ve never heard of this camera bag before. Heck, we know the main camera makers that have bags (like Canon) and the main camera bag makers (like Lowepro and Tamrac). As we mentioned, the fashion side of camera bags is not really under our radar

But you have to admit, this looks quite sleek and fashionable :)

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Lowepro Camera Bags Wins Award At UK Gear Of The Year Awards

In case you missed it at the Lowepro Blog Site the Lowepro Flipside line won Camera Bag Of 2012 at the UK Gear Of the Year Awards

Well deserved!!! Lowepro and Tamrac continue to innovate and show why they are the best in the camera bag business! Founded by photographers for photographers, we are happy supported of the Lowepro camera bags!!

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What Lies Ahead In Camera Technology – What An Exciting Thought!

This great article was forwarded to us. At Tech Hive we find some of the innovations and advances that camera manufacturers are heading towards including, and this to me is the most exciting, Wi-Fi enabled DSLRs that will rival your iPhone or other smart phone!

(Full-frame DSLR and Wi-Fi enabled? It’s the Canon EOS 6D)

The technology is advancing at a fast rate which means prices should remain low as well!

“Granted, these new full-frame cameras are far from cheap. But the prices are headed in the right direction for mainstream photographers, and the heated competition on the full-frame front should benefit consumers looking for an APS-C-sensor camera or a premium point-and-shoot in the coming years. “